Tips for safe banking

Important tips for your bank account
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First of all don’t share your bank account number unnecessarily with any one.

Keep your AADHAAR CARD and MOBILE number updated in your bank account.

Never be a source of any other persons fund-transfers like neft ,rtgs ,imps ,upi.

Don’t keep your account idle, means you should do debit and credit transactions in a month because your account gets  freezed if you  have not debited any amount in the time period of two months or more. And if the time period in which you do not perform any activity is 2 years or more the account will become dormant.

Make use of unnecessary funds in your account by making Fixed deposit,recurring deposit and other interest giving schemes in bank.

Make sure your PAN CARD is updated in your bank account if you have PAN CARD, it will be beneficial for you if you do transactions of bigger amount in future.

Kindly update 15G/15H in the month of April if you have fixed deposit in bank, so that your tax deducation will be null or less.

Do not deposit other persons cash in your account .,especially if it is more than 50000. Because in india people have habits of keeping their money in some other persons account so that they can hide their wealth.

Keep the minimum balance as per the bank guidelines., minimum balance of your account will vary according to your bank and its location  like metro ,urban ,semi-urban and rural. Cheque book and atm card also play a role in your minimum balance.

Keep your minimum balance that much sufficient that your account will adjust the charges of your sms, chequebook and atm from your interest amount.

Don’t share your signatures with anyone and don’t let anyone to understand or copy your signature.

Don’t share your debit card or debit card number especially cvv printed on debit card.

Keep your atm card password secret, do not write the password  in the cover of your  atm/debit card.

Keep changing your atm password in 2 or 3 months periodically.

Don’t make your login and transaction password same for internet/mobile banking and upi payment apps.

Try to remember these login and transaction passwords do not let save your passwords options remember them in your Computer or Mobile.

If you have cheque book then please maintain the record on chequebooks with their numbers and to whom you have made payment with a particular cheque book number.

In case you have lost your cheque book immediately report it to your branch and give application to block your cheque book it will be written as STOP PAYMENT application or you can block it from your mobile banking app if you have that facility or with the help of bank customer care you can do the same.

Never attend fraud calls related to bank,  if someone calls from the bank where you have account number try to personally visit your branch and don’t share the information on phone .

Never Become witness for the person you don't know and never sign on anyone's document if you are not fully aware.

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